Better Advice for Boomer Clients

The Income Solver Platform is a turnkey asset management platform (TAMP) for advisors to create retirement income strategies, generate trades, and manage income for clients’ unique needs over 50.

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Retirement Income Decumulation TAMP
Date: November 10th, 2021
Time: 1:00PM PT / 4:00PM ET

1. What is it?

Created by leading experts and backed by research, the Income Solver Platform helps advisors maximize their clients’ money in retirement. The Platform includes three modules: Strategies, Solutions, and Streams.

2. What will change?

We’ve built the only platform that wraps the creation of a retirement income plan with a marketplace of investments and insurance solutions together with trading utilities and features you need to generate cash to serve your clients in one secure system dynamically.

3. How does it work?

We’ve added two new modules to our award-winning Income Solver planning engine. The Solutions module is a marketplace of investment alternatives, and the Streams module provides access to utilities that manage client income.

Three Modules, One Platform


The Strategy Module has a proven, award-winning analytic engine that applies the best and latest research to recommend a withdrawal strategy. This robust and detailed decumulation advice engine produces a list of ideas and generated strategies for advisors to consider.


The Solutions Module is a marketplace of products and services specifically for pre-retirees and in-retirement clients. Advisors coordinate specific model portfolios, investments, and insurance products and attach them to the optimized withdrawal strategy from the Strategy Module. This type of planning is unrivaled by any current TAMP Platform provider on the market today.


Retirement income is all about generating multiple income streams for the client. This module actively manages the process of providing income for clients through the use of utilities to generate cash, improve asset location, and rebalance assets to coordinate multiple income streams into a single “paycheck” for clients.

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