Income SolverTM Single Practitioner Pricing

Top-Ranked by Michael Kitces & T3 Technology Survey’s by Independent Advisors

Level 1:

Strategies &
Social Security Analyzer


(Annual Single User License)

Revolutionary retirement withdrawal strategy software and our powerful SSanalyzer Social Security claiming analysis and diagnostics.

Level 2:

Includes Solutions &
Streams Modules


(Annual Single User License)

Investment management modules with model marketplace, annuities, and generating cash streams. Decumulation TAMP & IPS report.

Level 3:

Marketing Collateral &
Quickstart Tool


(Annual Single User License)

Utilize our marketing collateral to advertise your retirement income planning and our Quickstart tool for a “lite” plan and custom report.

Level 4:

Automated Marketing Program & Online Quickstart Tool


(Annual Single User License)

Custom landing page, automatic personalized report & online interaction, leads dashboard.

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