The message that you need to save for retirement is clear. But messages about smart ways to spend your retirement savings get lost in the clutter. We want you to have the peace of mind that comes with creating an actionable retirement plan for the next phase of your life.

Introducing Your Retirement Benchmark™

How Do You Create Your Own Retirement Benchmark™?

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You have options for choosing a Retirement Benchmark plan: You can "do it yourself," or you can work with an expert.

If you choose to work with an expert, we'll schedule a one hour consultation with you to help you better understand your plan and validate that you're on the right track.

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How Our Plan is Different
Focus, mission, expertise, process – all different

Your Personalized & Comprehensive

Retirement Benchmark Report™

Get the most out of your retirement assets. A personalized withdrawal strategy includes all of your retirement resources thoughtfully integrated into a plan with recommendations on how to most efficiently generate income. A withdrawal strategy has to include the following elements:

Tax Savvy
Different kinds of savings plans are taxed at different rates. In order to keep more of what’s yours, you must know the most tax savvy way to access your money.
Your life will inevitably experience change. You need a retirement plan that is dynamic to change as circumstances do.
Our sophisticated technology leverages both tax expertise and sound investment management principles to make the most of your money

Keep more of your money. You’ve earned it.

It’s tough to save for retirement.

You should enjoy the fruits of your efforts by getting the most out of your retirement assets. Our Retirement Benchmark software helps you create a smart, personalized withdrawal plan and shows you how long your savings can last with a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy.

What are the components of a Retirement Benchmark™

Explore features from a plan that is personalized and smart to help you get the most out of your retirement resources.

How Do You Create Your Own Retirement Benchmark™?

Through our dynamic planning process, you will evaluate two sets of scenarios:

1) those depicting likely life events in retirement.

2) those comparing how your resources will fare with specific withdrawal strategies.

Based on your selections, Your Retirement Benchmark™ Report will be delivered to you in an intuitive and visual way incorporating your choices with explanations to help you implement and manage your plan.

Your Personalized & Comprehensive

Retirement Benchmark Report™
Consolidated Views and Analysis
Advice on how to allocate your assets and where to locate specific assets across your retirement accounts.
Diagnostics and Comparisons
Graphs depicting how your withdrawal rate and portfolio’s projected longevity compare to leading research guidelines.
Detailed Withdrawal Strategy
Outline of how to take distributions strategically –which accounts, the amounts, and their timing.
Schedules and Summaries
Your income and accounts laid out in a simple format so you can see what income is being generated and how to create distributions from your savings to support your spending needs

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How is a Retirement Benchmark™ Plan Different?

Focus, Mission, Expertise, Process

Tax codes and tax brackets change annually. Does your advisor change your withdrawal strategies to optimize your economic well-being based on the tax code changes?

Does your advisor provide you with specific information regarding which assets and accounts should be liquidated in order of priority for your income and liquidity needs?

Does your advisor discuss how expected changes to tax policy should affect your current withdrawal strategy?

Does your advisor discuss your Social Security options and how your choices make a significant difference in your lifetime benefit eligibility?

Does your advisor discuss which assets should be earmarked to pass on to beneficiaries and how that selection may maximize your retirement income and your beneficiaries’ net worth at the same time?

Does your advisor discuss how planned and unplanned future medical expenses impact your account withdrawal strategies?

Does your advisor discuss how the timing of charitable donations impacts your specific account withdrawal strategies?

If these issues are not discussed annually and result in modifications to your financial plan, then your current advisor fees may as well be 25% of your liquid assets.

How We’re Different

Our Focus, Mission, Expertise, Process

FOCUS – on withdrawal strategy planning and the key issues facing individuals over 50 years of age.

A Retirement Benchmark Plan helps you be financially prepared for retirement life by:

1) Helping you make the most of your financial resources

2) Empowering you to make good decisions and trade-offs about your financial affairs

3) Giving you confidence that you have a plan that is smart and flexible.

MISSION – backed by a team committed to “raising the bar” on how Baby Boomers receive advice

A Retirement Benchmark™ Plan is backed by a firm that is your fiduciary and advocate. We stand behind our guidance and your success. We combine industry best practices and tax-smart strategies to make your assets last as long as possible. Finally, after you create your plan, you can opt for continued support to help you realize your goals and stay on track.

EXPERTISE – combining the best practices in wealth management and integrating the tax code.

A Retirement Benchmark Plan effectively links 3 specialized practices: financial planning (goals and aspirations), investment planning (investment management), and taxation (tax code and tax impact on generating income). You create your plan using powerful software that leverages a proprietary methodology based on industry leading academic research–and backed by a specialized and experienced team of experts.

PROCESS – Understanding you and the biases and preferences related to managing finances for those over 50 years of age.

A Retirement Benchmark Plan has more “life planning.” Superior investment management alone doesn’t matter if it isn’t aligned with your goals and ambitions. When you create your Retirement Benchmark plan, you are able to incorporate your retirement priorities  to create a customized withdrawal strategy, positioning your resources in a tax efficient way, and navigating changes over time so you can accomplish your goals.

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