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Meet Ruth

Ruth was concerned:

Would her savings be enough to last her full retirement?

Then she got a Retirement Benchmark:

By coordinating her savings with when she started Social Security - and by reducing taxes - Ruth's savings will last about 15 years longer.

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Ruth is a fictional representation of an actual retiree. The numbers involved in her case study are real.

Your plan should be:

It considers all your retirement resources and accommodates your goals.

Dynamic and ongoing
A plan is not a transaction; it is a living tool that changes with you.

You need to understand your plan; it must be simple.

You should be optimistic no matter how much money you have because you’ve explored and selected a plan that best fits your goals and risk tolerance.

Holistic Planning

Get A Proper Retirement Plan.

Everyone should have a financial plan.

And since “retirement” is a life stage rather than an event, everyone should have a retirement plan that addresses the complexities of generating income to support their spending. Research shows that individuals who have a plan end up doing better (i.e., financial performance), and feel more secure and confident throughout retirement.

Holistic Planning

Get a retirement plan that connects your goals to your investment plan.

“Retirement” is a life stage rather than an event. You need a retirement plan that addresses the complexities of generating income to support your spending. A holistic plan considers all of your assets — savings, pensions, Social Security benefits, and other assets — to determine how to meet your income needs throughout your retirement.

So, why don’t more people plan?

The tools available from our competitors are too complex and tend to create negative and discouraging experiences. That’s where we are different. The fear of running out of money or making a mistake can be painful, so we help you craft a plan that examines your situation and helps you know what to do if circumstances change in the future. The result is a robust, fulfilling retirement.

Our planning process is simple. It’s a dynamic tool that changes as situations require, and it explores the best possible outcomes for you given your circumstances.

Putting it all Together

We compare your retirement resources (financial assets, Social Security benefits, annuities, defined-benefit plans, etc.) to how you want to live in retirement. When necessary, we note possible shortfalls and suggest ways to adapt your plan. We can help you create a tax-smart asset allocation, tax-efficient asset location, and a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy to help make the most of your resources.

We see an individual’s plan as a balance between Resources and Standard of Living:


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