Core Modules


Generate tailored and customizable strategies for your clients. Our award-winning strategy engine applies our research to recommend a withdrawal strategy or allows you to pick from an expansive list for a variety of scenarios.

Generate Strategies

Our software takes your client information and generates a wide variety of strategies based on our leading academic research. We highlight the “best” strategy as a place to start.

Strategy Ideas

We curate a list of strategies to make you efficient. The system identifies opportunities to speed up the process…

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Strategy Analysis

A simple workflow to deep-dive on a single strategy. Vetted by advisors, we redesigned the workflow based on advisor feedback.

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Strategy Comparison

You select Custom Strategies or System Strategies to compare and publish…

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We have created a detailed Solutions Module that integrates with the Strategies Module. We are integrating financial planning for retirement with investment planning in a very detailed way not seen in our industry. Select new investments and income products. Build personalized programs and solutions aligned to your investment and income preferences.


A marketplace of multiple solutions for pre- and in-retirement clients. Access to Model Portfolios, Annuities, and other solutions to create…

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Select NEW Investments

Our innovative “Builder” allows you to bring in new investments and income solutions, together.

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Phases, Segments, and Automated Risk

The system can automate asset allocation changes to make rebalancing more efficient…

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Proposal System, The Retirement IPS

Finally, a robust IPS and proposal system build for clients 50 years and over. Accumulation IPS are not as effective as Investment Policy Statements that identify the…

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Retirement income is all about generating and managing multiple income streams into one single paycheck for the client to live on in retirement. You can actively manage the process of providing income for clients through the use of utilities to generate cash, improve asset location, and rebalance assets to coordinate multiple income streams into a single “paycheck” for clients. We help you figure out, efficiently, what holding to sell to generate income with other income sources from the client.

“Easy Button” and Generate Cash

A turbo-utility that in one click recommends trades aligned to the over-time strategic withdrawal sequence.

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Income Overlay

Two key innovations drive additional “alpha:” 1) the plan or “overtime” Strategy which informs how to generate income…

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Rebalancing and Asset Location

Household-based Rebalancing with Asset Location. Manage the same risk level but see how improved asset location adds “alpha.”

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Social Security and Other Income

Use the top ranked and best Social Security advice engine to identify claiming strategies. Coordinate Social Security income, pension income, custom income, and insurance income together.

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Feature Spotlight

Advisor Alpha

Highlight your Advisor Alpha to win new clients.

Instantly calculate the added money you can find a client with better decumulation planning.

Manages the details getting clients more, up to 3% more! – use the software to quantify the value of your expertise to grow your practice

We’ve written about the value of quality advice for a long time. Our papers have been published in the Journal of Financial Planning, the Financial Analysts Journal and others, and our research has been confirmed by both Vanguard and Morningstar.

It’s called “Advisor Alpha,” and it’s the net returns your advice can garner for clients. According to Vanguard, the right ingredients can be managed to “add about 3% in net returns for your clients and also allow you to differentiate your skills and practice.”1

The innovative Income SolverTM software allows you to dynamically calculate, illustrate and present the gain your advice brings to a client’s portfolio. You can actually show clients what your advice is worth to them through:

It’s more than research…

Now you can visually show your clients the value you will be providing during their retirement.

No other software offers this powerful feature.

1”Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha.” March 2014, The Vanguard Group, Inc.

Advisor Alpha

The innovative Income SolverTM software allows you to dynamically calculate, illustrate and present the gain your advice brings to a client’s portfolio. You can actually show clients what your advice is worth to them through:

Visually show your clients the value you will provide

Quantify your value – up to 3% more

Research-based differentiator

Dynamically calculate, illustrate, and present the added money you can find

  • Asset allocation and rebalancing
  • Asset location management
  • Withdrawal sequencing and which holdings to liquidate
  • Social Security optimization and coordination
  • Withdrawing to dedicated tax brackets
  • More!

Easy Button for Retirement Planning

We have created the Easy Button for Retirement Income Planning. It combines the Withdrawal Strategy with the investment choices you make for a client. In one click, you can see the trades and maneuvers to manage a personalized income stream for your clients.

Save time. Deliver better advice to clients.

After you have typed in some text, hit ENTER to start searching...

Get more, keep more retirement income for your clients with Income Solver.