Overview Diagnostics

See how a withdrawal strategy performs

Coverage of assets and liabilities, funding sources, summary statistics

Strategy Analysis Views

Views presented with visuals and associated data tables

Compare Strategies

Outcomes based

Manage scenario details to see how strategies look side-by-side

Tax Thresholds

Manage withdrawals to dedicated tax brackets either converting to a Roth or withdrawing tax deferred assets to dedicated levels

GAMMA – Advisor Alpha

Clearly show how your management of key retirement components adds to longevity

Create, Analyze and Compare

Income Solver makes it easy to show clients and prospects how various withdrawal strategies will perform over time by allowing you to create and analyze scenarios.

Intuitive Output and Easy-to-Understand Visuals

Income Solver includes charts, graphs and tables that dynamically show clients and prospects the results of various withdrawal strategies. Clients will quickly grasp the impact of scenarios on their portfolio longevity.

Tax Optimization to Brackets

With Income Solver you can deliver withdrawal strategies that are tax-efficient by optimizing drawdown to marginal tax rates.

Detailed Phase and Event Analysis

You can illustrate for clients the impact of various phases of retirement on their portfolio, or you can analyze visually the impact of one-time events (like a dream vacation or tuition for a grandchild) on the overall portfolio.

Professional, Modular Report Engine

The Income Solver allows you to brand prospect and client reports for your practice and personalize for each client.

And More!

Your subscription to our Income Solver software includes access to new research, complimentary training webinars, and more.

In addition, with Income Solver you can:
  • Generate basic and advanced scenarios
  • Manage assumptions across specific phases and events
  • Manipulate key variables such as:
    • Spending
    • Withdrawal
    • Investments
    • Taxes
    • Social Security strategies
    • Income, cost and tax thresholds
    • Asset management parameters
    • Environment settings for taxes and capital markets

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