Our research shows that other retirement income distribution tools miss the mark. Having a software that manages the details correctly means your advisors can find more income for clients in retirement – up to a decade more. Our powerful Income Solver software helps your advisors get more and keep more money for their clients, creating an unbeatable value proposition.

Get the same market leading, nationally recognized software and service that we offer to individual advisors enterprise-wide.

With Income Solver, your company gets:

Secure and certified retirement planning software.
Peace of mind that your advisors are equipped to provide quality, accurate advice on Social Security and tax-efficient retirement drawdown strategies.
Home office compliance controls that allow you to customize features and controls to desired specifications.
Web-based software that your advisors can access anywhere, anytime.
Consistently branded reports that include company-specific information.
Single sign on for your advisors.
Advance lead generation tools for your advisors.

Income Solver gives your advisors the ability to:

Create, analyze, and compare tax-efficient withdrawal strategies proven to extend retirement portfolios by up to a decade.
Identify optimal Social Security strategies that consider more scenarios than any other software available.
Use a software with easy to understand visuals and intuitive outputs.
Optimize drawdown to marginal tax rates.
Provide detailed phase and event analysis.
Produce professional, modular reports.
Receive education about Social Security and retirement drawdown strategies.
Communicate their advisor alpha easily and clearly, positioning them for more business.

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Get more, keep more retirement income for your clients with Income Solver.