Meet Mike & Jen

Mike and Jen had concerns:

When should they start Social Security? Where should they withdraw money from first? How long will their money last?

After Creating a Retirement Benchmark:

Not only did they get answers to their questions, they were also able to craft a spending and withdrawal plan to extend their savings by about 5 years.

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Mike & Jen are fictional representations of actual retirees. The numbers involved in their case study are real.

Risk and Retirement
In retirement, a number of additional elements need to be considered and constantly monitored over your horizon such as: your health and longevity assumptions, your willingness to supplement your plan by working part-time, the impacts of inflation, etc.

The Cost of Guaranteed Income
Guaranteed income and replacement of your current paycheck with income sound great. However, make sure you understand annuities and annuitization.

We find many people are enticed by the product attributes, but do not fully understand the amount of money needed to generate income and the future loss of flexibility and liquidity.



It might sound like a prerequisite for playing sports, but in retirement income management, it actually refers to the inclusion of Social Security in the retirement portfolio and the tax-efficient withdrawal strategies that result.

Social Security is the largest retirement asset for an increasing number of Americans, and therefore should be accounted for in the overall retirement income plan. Our firm’s research published in the Journal of Financial Planning shows that doing nothing more than using an optimal Social Security strategy can extend the portfolio for a few years! But that’s not all.

Take a look at the graph above. Ruth had about $500,000 in retirement assets. By doing nothing more than coordinating the timing of her Social Security benefits with when she began to spend down her assets, we were able to extend her portfolio for about 15 years!

Putting it all together – optimal Social Security strategy plus a tax-efficient drawdown strategy – can result in even more portfolio longevity!

Your savings plus an optimal Social Security strategy plus a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy means more money. For Ruth, as you can see above, her Social Security benefits plus a smart income management strategy meant an additional $738,173 in retirement income added to her savings.

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