Improved Advisor Alpha in Income Solver 2.0

Advisor Alpha is now made easy!
View the 3 components of your Alpha, compared to a Base Strategy: Withdrawal Plan, Investment Management, and Social Security

Managing the details gets clients more – up to 3% more!

We’ve written about the value of quality advice for a long time. Our papers have been published in the Journal of Financial Planning, the Financial Analysts Journal and others, and our research has been confirmed by both Vanguard and Morningstar.

It’s called “Advisor Alpha,” and it’s the net returns your advice can garner for clients. According to Vanguard, the right ingredients can be managed to “add about 3% in net returns for your clients and also allow you to differentiate your skills and practice.”1

The innovative Income SolverTM software allows you to dynamically calculate, illustrate and present the gain your advice brings to a client’s portfolio. You can actually show clients what your advice is worth to them through:

Asset allocation and rebalancing
Asset location management
Withdrawal sequencing and which holdings to liquidate
Social Security optimization and coordination
Roth conversions
Withdrawing to dedicated tax brackets

It’s more than research…

Now you can visually show your clients the value you will be providing during their retirement.

No other software offers this powerful feature.

1”Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha.” March 2014, The Vanguard Group, Inc.

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