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Kitces & T3 2022 Advisor Surveys

Personalize Advice For
Pre and In-Retirement Clients

– Makes you more efficient

– Robust and Dynamic Strategies to deliver better advice

– Optimize and Compare Strategies to win clients – grow faster

How Income Solver finds more!

to help you grow and win clients

More detailed logic and specialized modules over:

  • eMoney
  • Money Guide Pro
  • Right Capital
  • Your current financial planning software

Income Solver fills the GAP – to help you differentiate

Model, Compare and Present ALL Approaches

Decumulation Advice

Present outcomes to help clients maximize their resources

- Total Return

- Income Floor

- Buckets & Time Segments

Best Platform and Analytic Engine

  • Optimizes strategies and gives you the best one
  • Coordinate more “detailed” elements in a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy
    • Roth Conversions logic and featured
    • Dynamic and phases strategies
    • Tax minimization over plan horizon (time periods) not just single years
    • Next-Generation Investment and Income logic
      • Household rebalancing
      • Asset Location
      • Tax-loss harvesting
      • Tax-efficient goal funding and purchase

Why partner with us?

We are committed to helping advisors grow.


We use advisor feedback to help us enhance the client experience and develop new software features. Analytics and research to enhance decumulation and planning engine.


Over 3 academic papers every year over the last 10 years. Financial engineering pioneers for decumulation.

Case Support

Our experts help you with case support, tough analysis, and preparing for client meetings.

Marketing & Promotion

Collateral and programs to promote your expertise in decumulation to win more clients.

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